Pilgrimage Group Leaders.

Group visits Tent of nationsThe Methodist Liaison Office is here to be of help to you as you plan your Pilgrimage.

Many Pilgrimages are organized through tour companies based in your country of origin. If you are leading such a group you might want to add into your program a visit from one of the staff of the Methodist Liaison Office. Often we can come to your hotel one evening and talk about the context here in Israel Palestine, and the work we do as representatives of the Methodist Church living and working here in the Holy Land. Sometimes we are asked to join a group for a day in order to have more time with you.

If you would like to lead a pilgrimage but don’t know of a suitable tour company – get in touch with us (see below) and we can advise.

Other groups come having arranged their own program. Again we are open to visiting your group while you are here but we are also quite willing to help as you develop your ideas for your program. We have extensive links across the communities here and can arrange for you to meet local projects, local people, perhaps share a meal with local families.

We also have a number of volunteer programs – look these up under “Volunteer with us.”

For any or all of these options, the easiest way of contacting us is to email us. We usually can respond to emails quickly, however, there are times when we are tied up with conferences, visits or particular situations and then it might take us a little longer. Occasionally we have had difficulty with one or other email address. If you contact us and we don’t reply please do try one of the other emails addresses there.

For all of the matters listed above it helps us a great deal if you contact us as early as you can. Since our staffing is only two we can find it difficult to fit in with your group at short notice.

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