Why not come and visit Israel Palestine?

Methodist Liaison Office in JerusalemGenerations of Christians have visited the Holy Land on Pilgrimages to the Holy Sites. There are many reasons why Christians come to this land and different people will feel that the value of their pilgrimage is special to them as individuals. For many seeing the places where Jesus walked and talked, lived and died and rose again enables them to read the Bible in a new and exciting way. It’s pages come alive as you have a picture of the land, or the distances involved, of the places Jesus saw that you too have seen. Walk by the Sea of Galilee and look up at the Golan Heights and you are seeing what Jesus saw two thousand years ago.

Of course much has changed here since Jesus’ time, however, the archeology helps bring places back to life and the churches, guides and communion sites all enable the experience to be more than a holiday visit – many find it a spiritual experience that stays with them for a lifetime.

Much has not changed as well. As in the time of Jesus, the land is a place of conflict. Some of the sites are in the West Bank and to visit them involves crossing the “separation barrier.” This is not a problem – tour companies and guides will help you. We at the Methodist Liaison Office live in the West Bank and enjoy the hospitality and culture of the Palestinian people.

Come see Christmas in BethlehemChristians have been part of the local people of the Holy Land since the first day of Pentecost. Many of the Holy Sites are cared for by Churches and local communities. The Church leaders in the Holy Land have issued an invitation “Come and see.” They hope that you will come and experience an inspirational pilgrimage but also that you will see the situation here and understand better the roots of the conflict.

We at the Methodist Liaison Office would like to help in whatever way we can. Elsewhere in this Web Site, you will see notes for Pilgrimage Leaders, ways of volunteering here, pictures of the Holy Land and information about our work in this land.

Contact us– if we can be of help we will.

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