Information about volunteering alongside the Methodist Liaison office.

Option One – Volunteers in Mission (VIM Programmes)

This is a short volunteer opportunity lasting roughly two-three weeks at most. Your time is divided roughly into three parts:

  • 1/3 of the time visiting the holy sights of Israel/Palestine
  • 1/3 of the time volunteering in West Bank Projects
  • 1/3 of the time meeting Israeli and Palestinian Leaders

Volunteering chances on this program amongst others could include olive picking, olive planting, working with Tent of Nations, WIAM, The Bethlehem Bible School, Saabil or The Hope School.

The accommodation, flights and tour leadership is all organized by Grace Tours, a Palestinian Tour Company which is led by a Bethlehem Christian. The volunteering element and meeting with leaders will be organized by The Methodist Liaison Office. It is hoped that your time in the Holy Land will be spent with other volunteers from both the UK and the USA.

Average Cost – about £2,000.

Volunteer Opportunities with
The Methodist Liaison Office
In Partnership with:
World Methodist Council
The Methodist Church in Britain
Global Ministries – The United Methodist Church

Contact Details:
The Revd John D Howard – Methodist Liaison
Tel: +972 (0)2 623 4207, +972 (0)54 577 2717, +972 (0)59 731 3465
Address: Methodist Liaison Office, PO Box 14631, Jerusalem 91146, Israel – Palestine.


Option Two – ‘Three Month’ Programme

This program is ideal for those looking for a sabbatical opportunity, a period of volunteering post retirement, or just before or after University. Volunteers would be in the Holy Land for a maximum period of just under three months.

Visa’s will be obtained at Ben Gurion airport and are issued for three months. The Methodist Liaison Office will then arrange placements of one, two or three months (less one day) which are tailored to meet the interests of individuals.

In this program, it will be up to the volunteers to book their own flights but the Methodist Liaison Office will work closely with the volunteer to arrange two or more projects falling into the interests of the individual. The Methodist Liaison Office will also arrange accommodation within the projects being undertaken. This, therefore, means that costs can normally be kept to a minimum.


Option Three – Longer Term Options

This program is arranged through the “Called to Volunteer” program administered through the World Church Relations Office. This option is more difficult to undertake in Israel/Palestine but does still happen on occasions. If volunteers wish to stay in Israel/Palestine for more than three months they will need either a Volunteer Visa.

Volunteer Visas are usually obtained by individuals who can clearly describe the work that they will be undertaking in Israel/Palestine. There is a range of work that can be undertaken and this usually revolves around teaching at places such as Saabil, Bethlehem Bible School, or one of the Christian Schools in Jerusalem, Bethlehem or Ramallah.

For more information on how this option works please contact the Methodist Liaison Office, or the World Church Relations Team in London.

Contact Details:The Revd John D Howard – Methodist Liaison
Tel: +972 (0)2 623 4207, +972 (0)54 577 2717, +972 (0)59 731 3465
Address: Methodist Liaison Office, PO Box 14631, Jerusalem 91146, Israel – Palestine.


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